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Riverside Theatre in Vero Beach, FL is a regionally producing theatre affiliated with Actor's Equity Association, The League of Resident Theatres, Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, and United Scenic Artists. Riverside Children's Theatre, the educational arm of Riverside, offers classes, camps, and training opportunities in the areas of theatre, dance, music, and video for all ages on a year round basis.

Discount Tuition Application


SECTION 1. Student Information
Student's Name *
Student's Name
Address *
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Home Phone *
Home Phone
Cell Phone *
Cell Phone
Student lives with (check all that apply) *
Have you participated at Riverside before? *
Have you received Discounted Tuition previously? *
SECTION 2. Parental Information
Legal Guardian *
Legal Guardian
Address *
Phone *
Legal Guardian *
Legal Guardian
Address *
Phone *
SECTION 3. Discount Tuition Request Amount
Discount Tuitions are awarded in the form of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% discounts. To service as many families in need as possible, we ask that families contribute what they can.
How much of a discount are you requesting? *
Please note: Requests exceeding 50% of the tuition amount require a copy of the family's most recent Tax Return.
SECTION 4. Financial Information
(Social Security, welfare, AFDC, child support, alimony, etc.)
Is your child eligible for free or reduced-price meals at school? *
SECTION 5. Discount Tuition Terms and Conditions
• Discount Tuitions are awarded based on financial need. Discount Tuition requests exceeding 50% must be accompanied by a copy of the family's most recent tax return.

• Discount Tuitions are awarded for a period of one (1) fiscal year. Fiscal years are June 1 through May 31. Discount Tuitions awarded after June 1 will only be valid through May 31 of that fiscal year.

• Discount Tuitions are awarded to specific students, and are not transferable to other students or family members.

• The Discount Tuition recipient is expected to be prepared for classes and attend all classes on time. In the event that a student does not attend all classes, the discount may be reduced.

• In the event a partial Discount Tuition is awarded, the recipient agrees to pay the balance due by the established deadlines. In most cases, tuition must be paid by the first day of class.

The Guardian and/or student agree to be available for volunteer assistance. Upon the usage of Scholarship Benefits, the Guardian and/ or student are committing to the volunteer requirements stated on page 3. Failure to meet volunteer requirements will jeopardize future qualification.
SECTION 6. Supporting Documents
Please include the following materials when returning this application:
• A letter written by the student ( Ages 8 and up) outlining what types of classes they would like to attend and why.
• A letter of recommendation from a teacher, neighbor, or community leader (Non-family members please).
• A copy of a recent student report card (Ages 8 and up).
• A copy of the family’s most recent Tax Form (For requests of 75% or 100% discount only)
You must either seal your supporting documents in an envelope and bring them to Jacqui Caya at the Administration Office front desk between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday or click here to upload support documents.

NOTE: Please re-name all files to begin with the student's name before uploading to ensure your files are bundled correctly. Ex:jane-smith-letter-20190117.pdf *
SECTION 7. Discount Tuition Volunteer Commitments
You MUST fill out this section if you are applying for discounted tuition.
Legal Guardian
Legal Guardian
Student's Name
Student's Name
Phone Number
Phone Number
Each Guardian and/or student must choose one (1) event from BOTH groups below:
Group 1
Group 2

Frequently asked questions

I have two children on scholarship; do I have to volunteer hours for each child? Yes. With each application form, the Guardian must select 8 hours of non-overlapping volunteering events from Group 1 and 2.

Who do I contact about volunteer shifts? Our full-time staff volunteer coordinator is Dee Veneri-Spacek. 772-410-0455

Can I arrange for different volunteer opportunities that better meet my schedule? Yes. Simply contact Dee Veneri-Spacek.

How old must my child be to volunteer a shift alone? We recommend that volunteers be at least 12 years of age. They will be assigned duties accordingly.
Date Submitted *
Date Submitted
I understand the terms and conditions and affirm that the submitted information if true and accurate. *